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First allow me to introduce ourselves. We are Erik & Katrina Landa, Owners & founders of UltraView Shutters, here’s a little bit about us and why we are passionate about what we do. We are a 2nd Generation family company that was founded on hard work, dedication and passion for excellence and a love for people.

Many years ago Mr Landa Sr. Came here from Mexico to start a better life. He worked in many areas to make ends meet, driven by pure hard work and no excuses, he began his journey in the world of plantation shutters. He started working for a few shutter companies and after years of experience decided to take it upon himself to start his own. He successfully built a small back-yard business that till this day is operational. Seeing his love for his craft and his soon to be retirement we were inspired to make the jump and start our own branch in the family, now known as “UltraView” to give families the view they love.

Interesting enough Erik & I have a background in Mechanics & health Care, so our passion has always been people & taking care of their unique needs. So then you may ask, why shutters? Other than the beauty and practicality that shutters offer, they deliver comfort, style, safety, & much much more. We as a family have always worked with the motto of, our skills are what we can produce but our passion is people. If we can help create a bit more beauty & comfort in families’ homes across the world, then we know that we have done a great thing. When we arent working at UltraView we are serving and volunteering at our home church here in the coachella valley. We believe that where your time is spent primarily is where your heart ultimately is. Giving back to our community and spending time with friends and family is where our heart lies. At UltraView Shutters you will be receiving a unique experience where you are our number one priority. We seek to give you more than beautiful long lasting 100% wood window coverings but an experience where you know we care about your home, your time and your particular style. We make ourselves personally available to you by phone/email and much more. Custom, chic orders are available and with wood the sky is the limit. Our family is UltraView Shutters and we look forward to meeting yours.

Erik & Katrina Landa UltraView Shutters